Cloud ERP For Roof Industry

Having graduated in 2018, I had to choose between joining my family business or start working as an accountant for a meagre salary. I chose the former. My family owns a metal roofing sheet manufacturing firm. Our business, by the grace of the Almighty, never goes out of demand as the human demand for housing and other construction structures can only increase. The rapid growth in population across the country has allowed us to expand our business nationally. But such expansion has given rise to a number of problems.

Although I was not very experienced, I used my knowledge, analytical skills and the internet to identify and potentially solve the problems of our roofing firm. The main problems infesting our manufacturing unit were:

  1. Data collection – Since roof manufacturing is a complex procedure, encompassing a number of processes, getting accurate information related to these processes becomes a tedious task. Often the owners are not provided with accurate information in order to hide mismanagement and missing deadlines.
  2. Flawed reporting – Reports are like catalysts to business growth. Reports allow for the identification of flaws and presentation of ways to rectify them. However, in a growing firm like that of ours, the traditional reporting module can lead to delays and inaccuracies. This delay served as bottlenecks to business development.
  3. Inconsistent quality – Roofing apparatuses are produced and supplied in batches. In the absence of a checkpoint, the quality is not maintained across batches. Such inconsistencies are discovered during the layering of sheets or tiles. This leads to unhappy customers.
  4. Inefficient planning – Efficient planning is the key to a successful business and data is the key to efficient planning. As mentioned above, data collection is already a glaring problem with our roofing company. Moreover, the lack of proper communication across all levels shows a lack of determination. All of this reflected negatively on quality and profit.
  5. Unhappy customers – Lack of a vigilance system often means that customer complaints did not reach the management. Unpunctual shipment and defective goods were the main reasons behind customer dissatisfaction.

As you can see, most of the problems plaguing the roofing industry are interrelated. Thankfully, the solution is too connected. In fact, taking one step solved all the problems.

The solution is called Cloud ERP for Roof Industry. A cloud ERP software is a cloud-based ERP system which packs in all the benefit of a traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Being a cloud-seeded software, cloud ERP allowed for the collection of data on the go. Cloud ERP is a highly customizable software solution which can be made to suit individual requirements. For the sake of data collections, various data monitors were appointed who were in charge of feeding data to the cloud. This data was then accessed by the authorized individuals as and when required. Since data collection was the biggest problem faced by our roofing industry, taming this problem was like taming other problems as we shall see.

As mentioned earlier, the accuracy of reports depends on data, and since Cloud ERP takes care of data fallacies, it also solved the problem of flawed reporting. We ourselves could verify the authenticity of reports based on the data. In some ways, it also helped in the process of employee assessment.

To ensure consistent quality, batches were inspected and their qualities were updated with the cloud. This data was then used to identify the manufacturing unit which produced under-par products. Rectification measures were then taken. With communication thoroughly established, the process of planning too became seamless and this resulted in overall business growth.

With help from our vendor, we also added a section for grievance tracking. Since shipment delays and inconsistent quality were taken care of by the software, customer complains lessened.

It’s not hard to see why implementing ERP for Roof Industry was the stepping stone towards exponential business growth for our roofing firm.


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